About Us

How We Got Started

We are a spin-off from The Pioneer Group a community housing association based in Northeast Birmingham with its roots in the transformation of Castle Vale.  Over the last four years the Pioneer Group developed an in-house consultancy that delivered local regeneration, community development and local employment work. 

As part of the Birmingham Anchor Network we intend, over the next five years, to develop our approach across Birmingham with a particular focus in the first few years in East Birmingham where we can contribute with other agencies to the Inclusive Growth Strategy in an urban area the size of Coventry or Bradford.


Our Mission

Promoting social justice through strong local economies. 

Loconomy’s mission is to build strong local economies in neighbourhoods suffering from disadvantage and deprivation by creating better access to good jobs and careers.  We do this by connecting employers with local communities and building partnerships with community organisations and public sector institutions.  

By enabling residents to access pathways to learning, training and work we help  creating the conditions for growing household income and local spending power in some of Birmingham’s poorest communities. 

Strategic Aims


  • Unlocking the capacity of major local employers (public and private) to provide good local jobs and careers for residents. 
  • Working through and strengthening locally based voluntary and community sector organisations.
  • Realising the potential of social investment in supporting community regeneration.
  • Empowering residents to have a say in improving their local neighborhoods.
  • Capturing learning, best practice and evaluation on what works in growing local economies,.

“I am excited at how much local enterprises such as Loconomy can achieve for communities locally.  It is exciting to see how much can be achieved by working collaboratively bringing together organisations in the area to employ local people.  I am delighted to support the vision of building a future that embraces equality, opportunity, and prosperity for all.  Understanding the benefits provided through training, education and mentoring has on empowerment, enabling our residents to shape their destinies and access sustainable employment opportunities.”

Sharon Thompson, Deputy Leader Birmingham City Council

Our Board

We are a Community Benefit Society

Our Board is: 

Fiona Hughes

Ian Ellis

Cynthia Bower

Peter Richmond

Ifor Jones

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